Bookish Adventure for Kids

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.”

~ Jorge Luis Borges

Safarnama’s MantraI Read. I Travel. I Become.

We believe, Reading and Travel are two of life’s most rewarding experiences and to combine them is heavenly. Two of the indispensable gifts you can give to your child are – Travel and Books. Do you agree? If yes, read further.

Reading takes you to imaginary world, lets you live different lives in different places from the luxury of your home, cultivate curiosity and knowledge and create globally minded kids. Bookish adventure for kids is an initiative to bring you books about various countries, places, people, culture, history to instill knowledge about the world in kids.

Each month, We’ll choose a bookish adventure for kids. Our reco can be a story of a young girl who takes you to a tour of contemporary India while waiting for her favorite rainy season or a japanese tale of a kitten who embarks on a journey of Kyoto in search of meaning behind her name, or adventures of a mouse as he travels to different parts of the world, or a girl’s experience as an immigrant, or a guide for little nomads and explorers, or a travel book that voyages through every country in the world, or a young boy’s journey explaining the China’s cultural revolution, or map and atlas activities or wordless portray of journey of famous travelers or a boy who loves playing with words…

Stay tuned.