Genesis aims to turn the traditional way of buying a new vehicle on its ear.

Instead of having to travel to a giant location, with hundreds of new and used vehicles on display, you can go online and request a test drive. They will bring the vehicle to your door.


If you decide to buy a Genesis, that can be done online and the appraisal of your trade-in and all the paperwork also completed at your home or place of business.

The after-purchase story is the same — no need to visit a dealership for service. Genesis will bring a loaner, pick up your vehicle, have the service performed and return it to you.

It is called the Genesis Experience — a new way of buying and owning a vehicle. The entire process has been developed to ensure minimal inconvenience for the owner through an online portal and at-home service.

But that does not mean you can’t visit a Genesis store and eye the merchandise. But even here, Genesis aims to make it easier for the consumer. The first “Pop up” Genesis location in Atlantic Canada is in a mall.

Travis Fanning, the Genesis Experience manager, says the location in Sunnyside Mall is typical of the radical approach by the new brand. The Bedford location is readily accessible from throughout metro, but it is not the permanent location. The lease is good until the end of the year.

“We will use that time and customer feedback to determine where we go from here,” he said. “Will it be downtown, in a mall or on Kempt Road? Volume is picking up rapidly, which will help us in making the location decision.

“The Genesis Experience is so unique, it allows us much more freedom of location. We don’t need a large lot to accommodate hundreds of new and used vehicles, as well as a big building for service facilities,” Fanning said.

Fanning himself is also a product of the new approach. He is not a salesman.

“I started out in the wash bay and worked my way up to management on the fixed operations side of Capital Auto Group in St. John’s,” he said.

When the Genesis opportunity came along, he jumped at the opportunity and underwent not only the traditional online training common in the industry but much more.

“In addition to the traditional stuff, there were several more upscale sessions, similar to that used by high-end import manufacturers,” he said. “Genesis flew me to programs in Ontario and Quebec, including time on a race track, to ensure I was fully aware of the potential of these cars.”

The Genesis Experience is a new way of buying and owning a vehicle. (JENNY GILLIS)

The Genesis system calls for a large volume of vehicles to be stored in Ontario and B.C. A client selects a vehicle, colours and options through an online portal.

In most cases that car will be in the Ontario facility and delivered here within a week. If not, it will come from B.C. and could take up to 10 days. If the customer has some truly unique requests, the car will be built in South Korea to those specs and shipped here. That would take 10-12 weeks.

Trade-ins go directly to a Hyundai store and all service is performed there by a factory-trained Genesis technician.

“There is no need for a client to ever visit a dealership. They can use the online portal to request a test drive and we will bring one to their door,” he said.

“If they have a trade-in, I will do the appraisal and all the paperwork there. Their new Genesis will be delivered to them, paperwork completed and their trade picked up. If they ever have need of service, we will pick up and return their Genesis, leaving a loaner for them to use.”

Fanning says the first Genesis client in the region purchased a G90 Sport in February. He had heard about the unique way Genesis was going to market vehicles and proceeded from there. He sent in a request for a test drive online. He was so impressed with the vehicle he ordered one to his specifications.

“Our first sale was through the Genesis online portal,” Fanning said. “Everything was done at his home. The next client preferred to come to us. As that couple became more familiar with us, the notion of a ‘salesman’ at their home disappeared. They invited me up to their apartment and we completed the process there,” Fanning said.

The Genesis model works in a variety of ways. If a potential customer is not comfortable with the at-home, online process, they can visit the Bedford location to see and try the new car in the traditional manner.

“One of our first post-sale experiences spoke volumes about the at-home component of the Genesis Experience,” Fanning said. “A customer had a tire blow after hitting a pothole. He was more than impressed when we picked up his Genesis and returned it a few hours later with a new tire installed. He had a loaner at his disposal during this time.”