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I am very disappointed of the coverage this newspaper gave to the assisted suicide of Audrey Parker, and the apparent hero status bestowed on her. I challenge your paper to provide equal coverage to families that are harmed by this assisted-suicide law, when patients who are taking up a hospital bed and their family members are pressured into requesting assisted suicide to hasten the process. How about people who are afraid to be admitted to palliative care for fear they will be hastened into an early death?

People today, in general, are afraid to lose control or to allow friends and family to walk the road to death with them. Sensationalizing assisted suicide is not the solution.

I realize the assisted-suicide process is legal, but as bad as things get, we do not need to take this further and give the authority to other people to make euthanasia decisions — especially when it comes to vulnerable adults and even children. Again, I challenge you to show both sides.

D. Samson, Louisdale

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